S-F is about real food, real people and real life.

My support and education programs provide practical nutrition and exercise advice designed for long-term benefit – not just a quick fix.

If you want to improve your health, wellbeing or performance, I’m the guy to help. Let’s talk.

S-F is me – Steve Flint.

I’m an accredited practising dietitian, accredited sports dietitian and accredited nutritionist. And like to think of myself as an accredited nice guy too.

Places I’ve worked:

• North Melbourne Football Club
• St Kilda Football Club
• Diabetes Australia
• Bounce Health Group
• Melbourne Physiotherapy Pilates and Fitness Group


How I can help you

My approach is to teach – not dictate. I want to give you the confidence to make the right food and exercise choices for your lifestyle.

Because improving your long-term health and performance is about more than just adding a token ‘superfood’ to your diet or a couple of extra weights at the gym.

It’s about adopting smart, sustainable dietary strategies that embrace real food and real life. And that’s where I come in.


My specialties

I have a special interest in the following fields, but if that’s not you, don’t be put off. No matter what you need, I can develop a tailored program to help.

• nutrition and exercise support for improved athletic performance.

• day to day management of dietary or chronic illnesses such as diabetes (my sister has type 1 diabetes so I know how hard this can be)

• meeting dietary needs through a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegetarian and vegan)

You’re busy – I get it. You want to spend your free time having fun, not being lectured on the benefits of eating your greens.

That’s why I offer a range of advice and support options to choose from, depending on what suits you best, including:

• one-on-one consultations (initial & review)

• sports performance packages, including training, competition and recovery nutrition

• 6-week personalised nutrition support packages

• nutrition analysis, including recipes and meal planning to suit your specific dietary requirements.

As well as tailoring the type of advice you get, I can also tailor the way you get it.

Need caffeine first? We can catch up over coffee.

Would rather not leave the house? Let’s Skype instead.

Don’t even want to show your face? Email works for me too.

Get in touch and we can figure out what works best for both of us.


Rebates & referrals

Rebates are available through most private health insurance providers, but please check directly with your provider to see how much you can claim.

You can claim a Medicare rebate for dietitian consultation fees if you’re referred by your GP under a Chronic Disease Management Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan/EPC.

Please note that Skype consultations are not covered by Medicare and most private health insurers do not provide a rebate. Please check with them before booking your Skype appointment.

To setup an appointment or simply have a chat about how I can help, fill out our handy form or give me a call when it suits you.

Splash Page contact

Splash Page contact


T.  0429 543 418

E.  info@steve-flint.com.au